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Inaugural Technology & Innovation – the Future of Banking & Financial Services

21 March 2012
Grand Hyatt
Hong Kong

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
08:30 AM Registration
09:00 AM Welcome Address by Conference Chairman Shaun Rein, Author & Industry Commentator
09:05 AM IT Challenges for the Banking and Financial Services Industry
•    Overview of the banking and financial services landscape
•    Addressing IT efficiency, productivity and quality improvements in a cost-pressured environment
•    Key trends and challenges facing CIOs such as mobility, cloud computing, outsourcing, IT governance and people

Speaker: Michael Leung, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, China Construction Bank (Asia)
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09:35 AM

Accenture Innovation Series: 'Smart' Banking 2015 – Lessons from the Retailers and Technology Trends
•    The need for banks to respond positively to increasing competitive pressures across the financial services industry
•    Understanding emerging threats from new market entrants unburdened by legacy, such as payment providers
•    Drawing on experiences from the retail sector to enhance your organisation’s response
•    Insights from global case studies – highlighting best practice for  technology to drive business benefit and gain competitive advantage

Speaker: Alex Trott, Financial Services Senior Executive, Accenture


10:05 AM

Industry Leaders Panel
•    Identifying key business and IT priorities for 2012 and beyond
•    Keeping abreast of the latest tech trends in financial services
•    Giving customers what they want – how can business and IT leaders support customer satisfaction?
•    The next frontier – trends, challenges and opportunities for the financial services industry

•    Choo Yen-Keng, Program Director North East Asia, Group Technology & Operations, Standard Chartered
•    Andrew Davis, Global Head of e-Commerce Strategy and Innovation, Payments, Cash Management, Trade and Supply Chain, HSBC
•    Rakesh Vengayil, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer APAC, BNP Paribas Investment Partners
•    John Macpherson, Regional Head of Program Management, AXA Technology Services South East Asia
•    Shad Ngam, General Manager, Business Transformation, Asia, National Australia Bank, Asia
David Matvey, Process Design Executive, APAC Global Wholesale Banking Technology & Operations, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Alex Trott, Financial Services Senior Executive, Accenture


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10:45 AM Morning Tea
11:15 AM

The Future of Corporate Connectivity
•    Comparing and contrasting the technology adoption within small businesses and larger corporations
•    The evolution of the corporate treasury functions
•    Is there a limit to how many e-channels we have? What do customers actually want?

Speaker: Andrew Davis, Global Head of e-Commerce Strategy, Innovation, Payments, Cash Management, Trade & Supply Chain, HSBC


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11:45 AM

Enabling the Digital Migration: Strategic Management Across Communication Channels

•    Understanding the complete customer communication mix
•    Exploring efficient and simplified communications within businesses
•    Analysing elements of successful customer communication strategies
•    Success stories from leading banks

Speaker: Scott Draeger, Customer Communication Strategist, Asia Pacific Region, HP Exstream

12:15 PM

At The Point of Impact: Enhancing Customer Experience in the Modern Digital Environment
•    Gaining a true insight into customer experience by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes
•    Improving service offerings by better understanding your customers’ behaviour and the digital ecosystem
•    Developing partner strategies to streamline and simplify the customer’s journey

Speaker: Matt Dooley, Customer Experience Specialist and former Head of Digital, HSBC Global Commercial Banking 


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12:45 PM Networking Lunch
01:55 PM

The Evolving Payment Landscape:  Future Trends in Corporate Travel & Procurement Management
•    Global expense control via corporate and purchase cards
•    The launch of corporate cards in China
•    Enhanced payment solutions via prepaid cards
•    Developing strategies in mobile payments

Speaker: Philip Glickman, Regional Head, Wholesale Cards Asia Pacific, Citibank


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02:25 PM

Enhancing Your Customer’s Journey Across Multi-Channel Communications
•    Addressing complex issues of the changing technology landscape and its impact on customer-business dynamics
•    Revealing true customer intent by capturing and analysing multi-channel interactions in a single unified view
•    Enhancing your customer experience journey with proactive real-time response

Speaker: Tamir Roter, Vice President of Advanced Application, APAC, NICE

02:50 PM Afternoon Tea
03:20 PM

Moving UBS to the Cloud – Key Considerations and Planning
•    Developing a road map to cloud computing adoption and everything in-between
•    Why getting data centre management right is a key enabler for virtualisation and cloud
•    Outlining UBS’s cloud computing strategy and key lessons learned so far
•    What will the future of financial services look like with cloud computing in the IT mix?

Speaker: Daniel Eastwood, COO Group Technology Infrastructure Services, UBS


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03:50 PM

Embracing Gen-Y with FRANK by OCBC
•    Investigating the design process behind OCBC’s new Gen-Y bank – FRANK
•    The nuts and bolts of FRANK – what differentiates this bank from the rest?
•    Understanding what Gen-Y want in banking
•    Engagement is key – using social media and interactive innovations to reach out to existing and potential customers

Speaker: David McQuillen, Senior Vice President, Head of Group Customer Experience, OCBC


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04:20 PM Networking Drinks and Prize Giveaway

Program subject to change without notice
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