5th Annual Technology & Innovation – the Future of Banking & Financial Services

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Venue: Grand Hyatt, 123 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


8:30 AM



8:55 AM

Welcome Address by Conference Chairman


9:00 AM

Opening Keynote Address – The Future of Banking and Financial Services

•    Building a super regional bank 
•    The changing dynamics in retail and commercial banking and wealth management
•    Starting at the front-end: the customer experience
•    Accommodating global and local needs
•    Evolution rather than revolution

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9:30 AM

Dynamic Business Process Management for Banking – Achieve Faster, More Profitable Results Through Improved Business Agility

•    Better target and serve your customer 
•    Enable straight-through processing by automating the routing and processing of tasks 
•    Improve visibility into business process and turn insight into action 
•    Provide process agility to adapt to changing regulation

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10:00 AM

IT Leaders Panel

•    Identifying key priorities for 2011 and beyond
•    Keeping abreast of the latest tech trends in financial services
•    Enabling an agile IT environment to support business outcomes
•    Giving customers what they want – how can IT Leaders support customer satisfaction?

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10:40 AM

Morning Tea


11:10 AM

Smart Solutions that Connect

•    The impact on social media on doing business and internal communication
•    Adopting new technologies to connect with customers
•    Connecting with customers through the claims process

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11:40 AM

Mobility and In-Memory – Game Changers for Banking

•    Realising the full potential of mobile commerce
•    Breaking the shackles of the traditional approach to managing and leveraging data to a real time model
•    Leveraging in-memory computing to enable banks to cross sell and promote new services in real time and across multiple channels
•    Empowering end users to simply access and define the data they need to view without building reams of reports

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12:10 PM

Setting Up a World Class Customer Immersion Lab at NAB

•    What is an immersion lab and what is it for? Theories of design thinking and service design thinking
•    A virtual guided tour through NAB’s facility
•    Why immersion labs are cheaper, faster and more effective in designing financial services any other way
•    How to get a lab – politics and pitfalls, our experience of champions and disbelievers

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12:40 PM

Networking Lunch


01:45 PM

Cloud Computing and IT Transformation – Westpac's Story

•    Scalability and speed drives cloud adoption 
•    It's all about people, timing and partnerships, not technology 
•    Taking advantage of the emerging technologies and associated business benefits

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02:15 PM

Delivering Certainty of Customer Experience Through Innovation in Operations and Technology

•    Driving your innovation strategy to accelerate profitable growth 
•    Examining transformation scenarios driven by technology and operations synergy 
•    Building pre-defined and measurable metrics to track performance

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02:40 PM

Customer Engagement the UBank Way

•    Developing strategies that empower UBank customers to make the most of their money 
•    Using innovative tools and technology to increase customer satisfaction and engagement levels 
•    Creating an environment that supports UBank's greatest asset – its people

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03:10 PM

Afternoon Tea


03:40 PM

Going Mobile – Maximising Opportunities & Building Adoption of mBanking

•    What is next for mobile and how can banks maximise the opportunities for banks outside delivering core banking functions?
•    Managing through the challenges that can impact adoption and growth of the channel
•    Understanding the key drivers to adoption amongst mobile users and using these to build usage amongst customers
•    Mobile banking facts that cannot be ignored

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04:10 PM

Innovation Leaders Panel

•    What’s the “next big thing” in financial services?
•    Driving a seamless customer experience with business enabled innovation
•    Keeping abreast of the latest innovations in online and mobile banking
•    Overcoming implementation challenges – strategies for delivering innovations to market

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04:50 PM

Networking Drinks and Prize Giveaway



Grand Hyatt, 123 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Melbourne VIC 3000