Vendors need to specialise security offerings

Threat intel and security analytics were a new part of the Cybersecurity factor to consider when it becomes to risk monitoring and resilience, according to Forrester. 

A report from Forrester shows security challenges can be solved with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and analytics offerings as long as product providers ensure their solution is a match to what customers are being promised.

In its Top Security Technology Trends to Watch 2017 report, Forrester contributors said vendors and their solutions would expand, but so would the threat landscape and the likelihood for digital solutions to face increased Cybersecurity concerns.

“These areas hold tremendous promise to solve security challenges, so it’s no surprise that vendors are messaging to them,” the report states.

“However, current vendor product capabilities in these areas vary greatly. This places a premium on verifying that vendor capabilities match their marketing messaging to ensure that any solution you select can deliver on the value promised.”

Data security solutions had seen the biggest year on year increase from 2016 – 2017, with 321 vendor categories at a recent RSA Conference, up from 216 last year.  Network security and cloud security offerings had also seen large increased, while protection from hackers and threats solutions were up 85 to 212 offerings. There had also been an increase in threat management and security analytics offerings.

“Good threat intelligence can give you enough advanced warning of attacks on the horizon to adjust security policies and controls and address vulnerabilities. However, a major challenge in the threat intelligence market has been trying to decipher vendors’ broad array of marketing jargon and mixed intelligence jargon,” the report stated.

“Vendors using more targeted, specific messaging to articulate their capabilities and value is in turn helping customers avoid selection frustrations and develop more comprehensive, and less redundant, capabilities.”




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