Adam Lowry

General Manager Digital Platforms & Products / Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions

Adam has more than 15 years’ experience within the customer communication market and joined Fuji Xerox in 2008; holding leadership roles in Consulting, Product Management, Innovation, Development and Technology Strategy.

Adam leads Fuji Xerox DMS strategy for driving and accelerating the growth of digital communications channels for Fuji Xerox DMS clients, and is passionate about the adoption of new techniques and strategies to help our clients achieve greater engagement from their customers. Through the provision of standardised and extendable platforms and capabilities, Fuji Xerox DMS helps clients improve their speed to market, increase their agility, improve customer engagement and of course reduce costs, following an as a service model.

The combination of strong commercial and technology experience allows Adam to act as a very effective bridge between client business goals and technology delivery, leading to the strongest possible outcomes for Fuji Xerox clients.