Dylan Marsh

Associate Director, Performance Consulting / KPMG New Zealand

Dylan Marsh leads KPMG’s Customer service line as part of the Strategy and Performance team at KPMG New Zealand. His team assists clients who aspire to improve their profitability through service and sales effectiveness and leadership.

Dylan began his advisory career in 2005 while working for a New Zealand based consulting firm that specialised in helping clients to become more customer centric. In this role he worked across a number of sectors and industries including Banking, Construction, Energy and Government. Being involved in large-scale customer focused programmes of work provided perspective and insights into the operations of frontline areas, the experience provided and the perceptions of customers.

Since joining KPMG in 2012, Dylan has primarily focused on the Financial Services sector and on providing companies with greater insights on the profitability of customers, products and channels. These insights have led to improvements in the way banks measure performance, the strategies and business cases that drive channel investment, the rationalisation of product portfolios and optimisation of pricing.