9th Annual FST Government New Zealand Stream Selection

FST Government New Zealand Stream Selection

Please browse the topics below and select your stream preferences to ensure we put you into the most suitable discussion groups.

If you want a more in-depth overview of the topics, view the online overview.

If you are unsure or want more information, please direct your questions to angelicp@fstgov.com.au.

  • Dynamic Transformation for the Public Sector Organisation
  • Responsible Analytical Practices with Increasingly Accessible Personal Data
  • Navigating Through Complex Cybersecurity Threats to Gain Peace of Mind
  • Prioritising the Uplift of Legacy Systems, Processes, and Culture
  • Project Portfolio Success: Unearthing the Perfect Projects and Mastering Their Delivery
  • Practical Steps to Becoming a Data-Driven Public Sector
  • Cyber by Design + Cyber in Practice: Evolving Security Capabilities in Government
  • Ease of Interaction: How Government is Transforming Service Delivery
  • Transformative Empowerment: Embracing Data to Improve Citizen Wellbeing and Engagement
  • Delivering Seamless Digital Experiences When Rising User Expectations and IT Complexity Collide
  • Collaborative Strategies for Integrating IT Services
  • Digital Leaders of Today: Owning Change and Transformation
  • Balancing Legacy Software Support Risk and Investments in Future ERP Roadmap
  • Where Gen AI and Public Sector Collide: Preparing for the Inevitable Future
  • Digital Equity for All: Advancing National Strategies in New Zealand
  • What Automation Means for People, Skills, and Technology Transformation