FST Gov NSW Digital Panel Discussions

28 May, 2020
Venue: Online

9:00am-9:30am AEST | What a Crisis Tells You about Your IT Infrastructure and Services: US CIO Keynote Interview 

Gary Brantley, CIO for City of Atlanta (US), is no stranger to emergency situations, having been tasked with the recovery of Atlanta’s services after the 2018 Ransomware attack. With a track record in building more resilient services, we are excited to host a virtual interview with Gary to discuss his take on what Covid-19 is challenging us to achieve as IT professionals:

  • With unprecedented and sudden changes in circumstances, what have been the keys to keeping services running? 
  • What does remote work really mean for capability uplift and the cultural transformation that has to follow? 
  • Now we are experiencing this newfound reliance on remote work and cloud applications, what is critical for preventative cybersecurity and more watertight measures? 
  • How have you dealt with unplanned service demand while ensuring effective prioritisation of ongoing projects? 
  • Do you think your experience handling the repercussions of the Atlanta ransomware attack has impacted the City’s resilience to the current situation and have there been any transferable learning lessons? 
  • Despite all of the uncertainty and hard transitions IT teams have been experiencing, what opportunities do you think are now afforded to IT teams to innovate and come out of the experience with stronger IT services?

International Speaker:
Gary Brantley, Chief Information Officer, City of Atlanta (United States)


9:30am-10:30am AEST | Cloud without the Chaos: How do Public Sector agencies keep workloads seamless, secure, and stable through multi-cloud deployments and other digital technology?

As remote working becomes more commonplace, cloud computing and multi-cloud deployments are essential for agile work; but whilst agile-thinking is needed for those with underdeveloped digital capabilities to maintain business as usual, deployment still needs to be strategic. So, do current approaches to digital transformation and cloud rollout need to change? This discussion will assemble Public Sector experts to answer this as well as:

  • What are the key benefits and impediments that cloud computing can deliver during this crisis right now?
  • How do organisations provide seamless and SIMPLE access to: information, workflows, and collaboration in a multi-cloud universe?
  • What do executives need to know before approving cloud and other interlinked projects? What are the common misconceptions?
  • Apart from the technology, how else are government departments addressing these challenges?

Paul Cooper, Former A/Director, Digital Health, Victorian Department of Health and Human Service

Gary Brantley, Chief Information Officer, City of Atlanta (United States)
Dr Ian Oppermann, NSW Government Chief Data Scientist, Department of Customer Service
David Schneider, Chief Information Officer, Crown Solicitor’s Office
Melissa Osborne, Chief Technology Officer ANZ, Dell Technologies


12pm-1pm AEST | How to Accelerate Performance, Scale and Time to Market of your Digital Initiatives

Navigating technology shifts and thriving in a digital-first, software-driven, cloud-native world requires a holistic understanding of your enterprise capabilities, people, and processes.
To succeed, top NSW organisations have begun to leverage business observability to accelerate time to market of their latest digital initiatives whilst also finding themselves able to scale efficiently for their largest days, ensuring uptime and availability.

In this panel discussion we'll discuss:

  • How to develop a unified view of your applications, services, systems, and your end user experiences - to help you understand and transform your digital customer experiences and drive greater business value from IT
  • How to accelerate and de-risk your cloud adoption and reimagine the way your applications are delivered, run and monitored - while controlling your cloud costs along the way
  • How to scale DevOps practices beyond individual teams and build a culture of measurement and continuous improvement - to retain sought after developer talent
  • How the combined drivers of business observability, cloud adoption and developer innovation are helping these organisations achieve important government digital initiatives faster, and what would happen without this sort of visibility?

Dr Tom Gao, Chief Technology & Digital Services Officer, City of Sydney
Jill Macmurchy, VP Customer Solutions - Asia Pacific and Japan, New Relic
Feeroze Khan, Agile Portfolio Manager, NSW Department of Customer Service


3pm-4pm AEST | Adapting to the New Ways of Working in the Times of a Global Pandemic: The Public Sector Perspective

As government and businesses worldwide are responding to the continuously changing situation amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to examine how our world of work is being disrupted and what we can do to react to these changes. This discussion looks to explore the world of work in the public sector during the current health crisis and how government across Australia can fast-track digital transformation initiatives to enable remote work, collaboration, and productivity to minimise the risk of COVID-19 on its services.

This discussion will focus on:

  • What are the key challenges that government departments are facing at the moment?
  • How can we leverage the right tools and resources to support employee collaboration, communication, and productivity?
  • What is the importance of private and public sectors collaborating in the times of crises? 
  • How is the technology industry responding to help organisations to continue operating effectively whilst employees are being asked to work from home?

Paul Cooper, Former A/Director, Digital Health, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

Dawn Routledge, Executive Director Office of the Secretary, Department of Customer Service
Fred Thiele, Chief Information Security Officer, Transport for NSW
John Hubby, Deputy Secretary- Corporate Services, Department of Communities and Justice
John Asquith, Head of Innovation for Government, ServiceNow