Transforming Digital Banking with APIs

21 September, 2016
Venue: Online

In today’s increasingly digitalised and mobile-first economy, the old adage of ‘Big beats small’ no longer applies. Rather, today’s business environment is increasingly being dominated by agile and data-driven new entrants. Financial institutions have recognised this shift and have embarked on initiatives to strengthen their offerings and service delivery via digital channels.

As such, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have been gaining relevance among financial institutions to transform and develop their digital capabilities. As the ‘digital glue’ that links services, applications and systems together, APIs allow for better use and unlock the potential value of data, inject agility in processes and product development and deployment, foster collaboration with both internal and external partners and resources, and ultimately create compelling customer experiences.

FST Media is partnering with IBM to bring cutting-edge insights on ‘Transforming Digital Banking with API’. Join us as we host the region’s leading executives in a pivotal webinar discussion, and hear from an expert panel about harnessing APIs to accelerate digital transformation.

Key talking points include :

  • How digital transformation is moving towards Cloud and API adoption in financial services
  • How APIs allow for better use of your data and enhance your wallet share, customer retention, and increase your digital channels’ reach and revenue
  • Fostering true collaboration with FinTechs via an interoperable platform and espousing ‘crowdsourced/outsourced ideation’ through Open API

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