Cincom Systems of Australia Pty. Ltd.

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Level 4, Avaya Bldg. 123 Epping Road North Ryde NSW 2113

Over its 45 years of operation, Cincom Systems has seen many changes, evolutions and revolutions. It is in that climate that our tried and tested configuration expertise is now tailored and available to the Financial Services Industry –Cincom Acquire for FSI™ simplifies and speed up the process of assembling unique products, bundles and offers across your whole portfolio and distributing them across all channels.

Significant market trends and non-traditional entrants joining the field are generating competitive pressures on the leading FSI players.  With the commoditisation of financial services and insurance products, the affluence of online comparison and brokerage sites and the influence of social media on selection and purchase decisions, providing personalised products and outstanding experience throughout the lifecycle of the customer has never been more critical.

Some examples of our Financial Services software applications are:

  • Customer Needs Analysis (e.g. for superannuation or investments)
  • Online Insurance Quote
  • Configuration and Pricing for unique Product Bundles (leverage your business intelligence and predictive analytics to further personalise and promote at the right time unique offers.
  • Product and Service Recommendations (for Brokers and agents)
  • Guided Selling (for call center agents)
  • Decision Support and Compliance in the call centre
  • Cross-selling/upselling
  • Document configuration & generation (generate personalised proposals in real-time)
  • Self-Service

Cincom has also partnered with Microsoft and its partner network to help businesses master complexity and simplify the complex