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Level 3, ClearPoint House, 7 Fanshawe Street Auckland 1010 New Zealand

ClearPoint are masters of software engineering, designing seriously clever software for big business and savvy startups in New Zealand, Australia and around the world. We provide IT strategy and architecture, enterprise software development and IT project delivery services.  

ClearPoint has deep experience in the financial services sector. We design, build and run data solutions for investment management. Clients in this sector include SuperChoice (Australia), the Australian Future Fund, the NZ Superannuation Fund, the NZ Accident Compensation Commission and QIC. We have changed their business game with solutions that show them off as innovators in their field.

Experience, skills and market expertise have driven our latest innovation: ‘AlphaCert’. AlphaCert is a made-to-measure data management platform for the investment management sector. It loads complex data from disparate sources and in different formats into a single source of truth, importing, auditing, transforming and loading the data automatically. Tasks that normally take hours can be completed in minutes. AlphaCert reduces business risk and the potential for errors that can erode reputation and customer confidence.

With AlphaCert, the business benefits are clear:

  • Save valuable time for highly paid operations and investment managers
  • Focus on delivering portfolio returns instead of time-wasting administration
  • Reduce business risk by addressing issues of data quality
  • Spend more time on core business with swift, timely and accurate reporting

Level 3, ClearPoint House, 7 Fanshawe Street Auckland 1010 New Zealand
Contact: Phil Pietersen
Phone: +64 9 373 4626
Twitter: @clearpointnz