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Panduit has developed the industry’s most comprehensive Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution, with a portfolio of Panduit ‘SmartZone’ solutions that deliver comprehensive energy and physical infrastructure efficiency in data centres, building facilities, and remote enterprise sites through intelligent products, systems and services.

By leveraging our pioneering ‘6 Zone’ infrastructure methodology for assessment, plan/design, integration, and operation, our ‘SmartZone’ solutions provide a holistic view of connectivity, energy, and environmental parameters in the data centre and extended enterprise.

The key pillars of Panduit’s intelligent data centre solution include:

  • DCIM software and intelligent hardware – Panduit’s ‘SmartZone’ infrastructure management suite platform provides an end-to-end physical-to-logical view of your data centre and extended enterprise.
  • Centralise collection and representation asset attributes to ensure your physical infrastructure supports mission-critical applications.
  • Data centre advisory services – best-practice methodologies for data centre consolidation, virtualisation and automation.
  • Energy efficient cabinets – use modular components that address power, cooling, space and cable management challenges, enabling a 25 per cent reduction in energy consumption, speed to deploy and optimised space utilisation.
  • Pre-configured physical infrastructure with modular design helps meet the demands of consolidation, virtualisation and implementing cloud architecture and may reduce deployment times up to 65 per cent.
  • High-Speed Data Transport (HSDT) copper and fibre cabling systems – Panduit’s HSDT Solutions are both protocol and media agnostic, delivering maximum flexibility during planning, designing, commissioning and operation of the data centre.

60 Tuas Ave 11 Singapore 639106 
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