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TIBCO Software

Backed by decades of innovation in infrastructure technology and a customer base of leading global banks.

TIBCO offers a unique, event-driven approach to growing revenue and solving the operational challenges of twenty first century financial services organisations.

TIBCO has deep experience working with financial services businesses. TIBCO’s record in capital markets is demonstrated by more than two decades of leadership in innovative, high-performance infrastructure technology which enables capital markets players to compete in a world where success is measured in milliseconds. TIBCO can assist your organisation with massive volumes of events and data flowing across your operations through:

  • A customer-oriented, event-driven architecture that aligns your operations to customers and customer opportunities.
  • Innovative event-processing technologies that leverage in-memory computing to capture and correlate millions of events, allowing you to identify opportunities and risks in real-time.
  • A standard way to perform integration and create new services, resulting in significantly greater agility and reducing the time and resources needed to add new applications, capabilities and partners.
  • Operational efficiency gains and significant cost savings resulting from automation and workforce optimisation.

TIBCO Software Inc.
Phone (USA): +1 650 846 1000 Phone (Australia): +61 2 9458 2100 Phone (Singapore): +65 6836 3880 Phone (Hong Kong): 800 969 897 (toll free)