Future of Marketing in Financial Services 2022

6 October 2022 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Park Hyatt Melbourne
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Complimentary for FSI Executives

With a successful series of flagship financial services events under our belt, FST Media is proud to present our inaugural Future of Marketing in Financial Services event, coming to you live in Melbourne this October!

The jam-packed full-day event will bring together industry-leading figures, top marketing innovators and their teams behind it all to interrogate where the future of marketing in financial services is heading – especially in this post-pandemic environment.

There’s no question that the appetite for revolutionary technology continues to grow exponentially and the marketing sphere remains ever-changing. With the day divided into five key pillars, attendees will get a taste of everything from technology innovations in the space to a deep dive on MarTech Stacks to breaking down the future of the customer.

Immersive roundtable discussions will complement on-the-day presentations and encourage knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer engagement, which is why this is a date on the industry calendar you won’t want to miss.

Featured Topics:

  • The Future of Martech and Customers in 2030
  • Building CX Resilience
  • Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Transformation Digital Experience through Continuous Innovation
  • Marketing Trends that are Transforming Financial Services
  • Unleashing the Power of Content Marketing
Event Highlights
Future of Marketing in Financial Services 2022
17 Speakers
6 Discussions
3 Sponsors
Mohamed Adam Wee Abdullah
Manulife Insurance (Malaysia)
Mohit Gupta
Deutsche Bank (Singapore)
Elly Bloom
Karen Ganschow
Aware Super
Jared Lock
Richard Bray
International Keynote: The Future of Martech and Customers in 2030
Panel Discussion: Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World - The Road To The New Normal
Unleashing the Power of Content Marketing in Financial Services – Strategy, Creativity, Technology
Chief Marketing Officer
Manulife Insurance (Malaysia)
Director, Head of Marketing - APAC & Head of Social Media- Global, Corporate Bank
Deutsche Bank (Singapore)
Executive Marketing, Business and Private Bank
Head of Data Sciences
Aware Super
Senior Marketing Manager for Consumer Cards and Personal Loans
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Global Head of Portfolio Marketing, Communication Services
Former VP - Campaign Optimisation, Marketing Capability & Change
Head of Marketing
Hejaz Financial Services
Founder & Managing Director
MI Academy
Data Science Manager
Block (Afterpay)
Chief Marketing Officer
Bennelong Funds Management
Senior Manager Brand & Marketing
Industry Super Australia
Performance Marketing Lead
BOQ Group
Master of Ceremonies

Whilst the pandemic played a role in triggering changing consumer behaviours, generational differences have always been shaped by political, economic, social and technology factors. Organisations need to take a forward view in identifying their transformation focus in the areas of product and service innovation to navigate the fragmentation created by diversely different generations operating in the economy at the same time.

• International outlook on martech stack in 2023 and beyond 

• What companies should be prioritising now to prepare for the changes ahead?

• Discovering the most exciting opportunities on the horizon


Building CX Resilience - How to supercharge your customer base for insane repeat and referrals

How well do you know your customers? The past few years has really highlighted the need for organisations to innovate and deliver on CX, seamlessly across channels. 

In this session you'll learn:

  • The road to building CX resilience
  • Discover where you sit on the CX Maturity scale 
  • An overview of the Voice of the Customer (VoC) program & how to improve insight
  • 6 steps to make moves in CX maturity


  • Hear how NAB's marketing team supported its broader business through tough times
  • Exploring the channels and martech that NAB utilises to stay top of mind
  • What does the future hold for NAB's marketing programs

A great way to engage with your industry peers on key developments and emerging innovations affecting the industry. From emerging MarTech to the evolution of customer behaviour, these discussions perfectly compliment the on-stage content to provide you with everything you need to thrive in 2023 and beyond.

  • How the future of technology in marketing will impact growth?
  • Leveraging creativity in the age of digital and AI
  • Identifying specific areas of opportunity where marketing can play an even bigger and more strategic role in the organisation
  • Aligning with cross-functional leadership to deliver optimal value to customers  
  • Exploring PetSure’s digital experience transformation
  • GapOnly – Delving into innovative claims reimbursement technology which enables on the spot claiming, similar to human health solutions
  • Knowledge Hub – Building a searchable database of Pet health content written by vets and made available to all pet parents
  • How an online pet pharmaceutical portal provided a cheaper and more efficient solution for ordering medication
  • VeChat – How PetSure’s veterinarian telehealth service serves as a first port of call for customers


Customers don’t follow a linear path or one-way street or our most likely pre-conceived scenario. Customers often struggle to reach the end goal, and most companies have little to no visibility of what their customers’ journeys really look and feel like. Most concerning is that companies are left wondering why they’re not seeing the acquisition rates and revenue results they anticipated.

Discover what it takes to visualise real customer journeys while allowing deep insights and interventions to get them to the end goal and optimise revenue.


- Exceeding customer expectations by effectively leveraging your data - Building and upskilling your teams to drive the change towards the digital transformation - Creating a culture of innovation to stay aligned with the shifts in customer behaviour - The latest trends in personalisation and experience optimisation

A great way to engage with your industry peers on key developments and emerging innovations affecting the industry. From emerging MarTech to the evolution of customer behaviour, these discussions perfectly compliment the on-stage content to provide you with everything you need to thrive in 2023 and beyond

A great way to engage with your industry peers on key developments and emerging innovations affecting the industry.

From emerging MarTech to the evolution of customer behaviour, these discussions perfectly compliment the on-stage content to provide you with everything you need to thrive in 2023 and beyond

• Strategies to finding the right data to inform your marketing decisions • Using data-driven methodologies to develop relationships that last • Adapting innovations in data strategy and advanced analytics • Designing your marketing tech stacks to collect the data that actually impacts the business

  • Creating a new vision for customer experiences
  • Navigating through the digital-first mode in the post-pandemic environment
  • Leveraging technology to deliver on customers’ expectations 
  • Hyper-Personalisation - creating custom and targeted experiences through the use of data, analytics, AI, and automation


  • Humanising financial services and earning trust -– Why is Content Marketing important? 
  • Demystifying Content Marketing for Financial Services with compelling case studies    
  • 7 guardrails for success that Marketing Heads must implement in your program 
  • Implementing new creative, automation and distribution technologies and new ways of working- the challenges and opportunities for marketing


This table discussion led by the industry leaders will look at customer loyalty and how to establish an emotional connection between your brand and customers to reach the height of marketing success. You will learn how to ensure every customer interaction delivers a positive experience and collects the important data you need to effectively target customers in the future. We will discuss ways to leverage data in order to monitor loyalty and best practice data capture.

As part of this discussion, we will look at challenges in the customer loyalty and brand’s ability to personalise the customer experience in a consistent, high-quality way. How to quickly evolve historical campaigns to make them fresh and new.

With the increased landscape of digital offering comes an excess of channels and touchpoints for customers to interact with their chosen brands while creating an unbelievable amount of data.

We now have more information than ever before on how our customers interact with brands and their expectations, and as the world rapidly evolves because of the pandemic, we’re having to keep the finger on the pulse as attitudes, behaviours and expectations shift at a rapid rate.

It’s up to the data teams to keep tabs on customer sentiment and to leverage these data sources to create truly meaningful and actionable insights that help define brands’ CX and business strategies as they navigate the road to recovery.

Join this table discussion to learn more about the ability to deliver and collaborate on customer insights while navigating customer data strategies across the business.

Marketing automation industry is expected to be worth more than 25 billion dollars by 2023. So, it is not just a nice-to-have strategy you can ignore. Using marketing automation can save you time, money, and improve your marketing efficiency. Join this discussion to discover what powerful automation capabilities businesses have in place that can take your marketing beyond the basics. Discuss automation techniques to grow your social media audience and presence as well as your brand affinity. Share and learn how to capture leads from inbound email, online campaigns, phone calls, website, chat, and more.

Customers are eliminating their preferences of products, services and experiences that do not align with their values or bring joy. There is no doubt we need to find ways to understand and connect with our customers in a way that meets their values and needs, while delivering on commercial objectives for the business.

As part of this discussion, you will discover how to understand and connect with your customers to deliver an experience that sets you apart from the competition. We will discuss how to leverage talent, technology, and new business models to reimagine your customer journeys to inspire delighted and loyal customers.

How Is CX Resilience Helping Brands Supercharge Customer Programs?

Alita Harvey-Rodriguez will continue from where her presentation left off, to explore the following with attendees:

  • How well do you know your customers?
  • What measures are brands talking to build CX resilience?
  • Where do you sit on the CX Maturity scale?
  • Can we improve Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs?

The marketing industry is highly susceptible to change and constant evolution. Missing out on the new trends in marketing and content leaves businesses behind, not allowing them to gain a competitive advantage, generate more leads, and attract new customers.

However, if we were to ask marketers for their predictions of the most important strategies in the next 3 -5 years, the result would be an avalanche of insights. Some research shows that marketers predict privacy, real-time marketing, video content and AI are the technologies that will have the most impact on their strategies in the years ahead.

Don’t miss out on this discussion to find out what martech will help you define your target audience more precisely, find a way to build a bond with a prospective customer, and allocate advertising budgets more efficiently with content strategies in mind.

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