Loan Origination – Time for Lending to Step Out of the Shadow of KYC

25 October 2023 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Lending and borrowing are critical functions of the banking system, responsible for generating the lion’s share of revenue for financial institutions (FIs). However, their journey to digitalisation has not taken the precedence that other functions have e.g. KYC.

For a start, many FIs are still in the early stages of digitalising their loan origination process, with orchestration being sorely neglected. Delays in onboarding due to duplicated requests for information across both Loan Origination and KYC processes is preventing many FIs from delivering a fast, seamless client experience, resulting in lost market share and revenue.

There is a better way.

Digitalisation is the key to striking a balance between a smooth, efficient Loan Origination process and a compliant one too. The intersection of compliance and innovation is where Financial Institutions will find their path to success.

Join our webinar on October 25th where we will be discussing how FIs can compete more effectively for their clients’ hearts and minds by digitalizing the Loan Origination process. We’ll explore how banks and financial institutions can:

  • Leverage data across both KYC and Loan Origination to make it more seamless
  • Centralise the orchestration of Loan Origination for faster onboarding times and accelerated service provisioning
  • Offer a smooth and efficient client experience in a safe and compliant manner.
VP Market Development