Simplifying & Stabilising Existing IT Investments to Unlock Innovation Agendas – NSW Public Sector

17 May 2022 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Sydney | Rimini Street
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This closed-door session will gather 8-10 Chiefs, Directors and fellow leaders of IT, Technology, Infrastructure, Architecture, Digital, Risk, Compliance, Governance, Regulatory, Transformation and Strategy roles and projects across New South Wales Government Departments and Agencies to discuss overcoming legacy security concerns amidst business transformation and how is it possible to continue current systems whilst minimizing spend and resources.

Topics of discussion will also include:

  • How do we optimise ICT budgets amidst the complexity and costs of continuing current systems?
  • What approaches can government organisations take to avoid disruption from forced vendor upgrades?
  • Protecting vulnerabilities and remaining compliant across aging systems and databases
  • How to dictate a roadmap best aligned to the business when accommodating vendors to keep control of your own pace of transformation