Barclays Egypt collaborates on fintech


Barclays Bank Egypt will collaborate with Flat6Labs to open the door to creative new ideas in fintech.

Flat6Labs and Barclays Bank Egypt have launched the 1864 Accelerator Programme to provide support for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the fintech space.

The program will be the first of its kind in the area and aims to qualify a new generation of creative ideas to open and expand fintech opportunity in Egypt.

Barclays Bank Egypt business development director, Soha El-Turky, said that Egypt has the potential to reach global markets with home-grown innovation ideas and vision.

“Our decision to collaborate with Flat6Labs in this program comes as a result of the creative capabilities inherent within a wide range of innovators, start-ups, and entrepreneurs in the financial technology field in Egypt,” he said.

Flat6Labs chief executive, Ramez Mohamed, said that the program would deliver the practical training that start-ups need to reach a solid functioning level.

“The programme aims to support entrepreneurs in transforming their ideas into successful businesses by providing all necessary support and training according to the latest international standards.”

Applications to be included in the accelerator programme are open until the 18th of July on the 1864 Accelerator official website.