CUA embrace new partnership


Australia’s largest member-owned banking and financial services provider are partnering with fintech hub Stone & Chalk.

CUA and Stone & Chalk will join together to give CUA access to Australia’s brightest entrepreneurial talent and tap into the latest technology and innovation trends.

Alex Scandurra, chief executive of Stone & Chalk is confident that the corporate partnership will increase opportunities for fintech start-ups and help foster relationships between traditional and non-traditional financial services.

“I am confident that together we can open up more opportunities for Australian fintech start-ups across the country to co-create the future of financial services,” Scandurra said.

CUA general manager, Sue Coulter, said that the partnership will mark the start of a beneficial collaboration, tapping into the popular workings of one of Australia’s most established fintech incubators.

“There is no doubt Stone & Chalk has the potential to dramatically alter the financial services landscape in Australia,” she said.

“We’re excited about the prospect of tapping into external expertise in the digital space, and being at the forefront of technological change.”

In return for being exposed to ideas and innovation from Stone & Chalk, CUA will look to provide support, coach and give advice to residence start-ups.