Fitbit starts recording healthy heart rate


Shares in the provider of health and fitness products are rising after a slow start to the year.

Fitbit Inc. shares rose by 14.46 per cent in trading days in the last week and 24.38 per cent in the last month. The company’s revenue is also up 92.2% compared to the same quarter last year.

This comes after Fitbit Inc. dropped nearly 50 per cent during the last 3-month period. Year-to-Date, the stock performance stands at -47.15 per cent. The last recorded price was $14.87 per share.

For the latest trading session, the net money flow was recorded at $0.89 million, with total upticks valued at close to $2 million. Total downticks aggregated to $1.07 million creating an up/down ratio at 1.83.

Fitbit Inc. reported $0.35 EPS for the last quarter and had revenue of $711.60 million, compared to analysts’ expectations of $648.00 million.

Fitbit devices automatically track users daily steps, distance travelled, calories burned, stairs climbed and active minutes per day, displaying real-time feedback. Fitbit Inc. also operates FitStar, provider of interactive exercises on mobile devices and computers.