Brisbane City Council deploys AI to monitor street parking

SenSen Technology

Brisbane City Council has ordered a new set of vehicle-mounted AI solutions for automated parking enforcement from ASX-listed video and sensor datasets provider, SenSen Networks.

According to the Melbourne-based tech firm, the deal, which commences in June 2022 for the supply of the four additional systems, is expected to bring approximately $278,000 in upfront revenue and a minimum of $280,000 in annual licensing, service and processing fees.

Under the terms of the contract, SenSen will supply four mobile automated parking enforcement units along with associated software and services. This brings the total number of vehicle-mounted cameras and GPS systems deployed by Brisbane Council to 11.

In the announcement made to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), the firm said it had earlier partnered with the Council back in February 2017 to provide a range of fixed pole-mounted cameras, vehicle-mounted cameras and cloud-hosted back-office ‘suburban safety’ solutions.

SenSen’s parking system combines CCTV/smartphone footage with a cloud-based processing platform to calculate occupancy, time, vacancy, and overstays.

The “real-time parking management solution” also monitors and reports illegal use of reserved parking bays, sends alerts, and delivers information in near real-time to parking management systems.

The firm said that its system also aggregates all bay statuses and provides parking lot or zone-level occupancy information that can be accessed via APIs, offering cities and councils extensive analytics and report for planning and decision-making.

“We are delighted to further grow our partnership with Brisbane City Council, one of the most forward-thinking cities in Australia which uses our AI parking solutions,” SenSen chief executive, Subhash Challa, said in the statement.

“SenSen continues to experience significant growth as cities worldwide are now adopting this technology to reduce congestion and improve the parking experience of citizens.”

SenSen describes itself as an AI data fusion enterprise, offering customised, real-time and batch processing of data alongside its Software-as-a-Service solutions.

Its customer base includes smart cities, airports, casinos and retail across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, Canada, India and UAE.