CSIRO spends $52 million to fast-track scientific breakthroughs


CSIRO is growing its investment base with a $52 million funding program to support breakthroughs in science, and redefine the future for full-scale commercialisation.

In a show of support for innovation, CSIRO has finalised a $52 million funding program that underpins innovation in health and biology, resources, agriculture and manufacturing.

This investment will ensure that research meets the needs of industry, community and the environment in a rapidly-changing world, according to CSIROs’ chief executive, Dr Larry Marshall.

This funding initiative is supported by the creation of six future science platforms (FSPs). “Exactly as planned in Strategy 2020, we’ve freed up resources to enable this initial $17 million investment in 2016/17 to launch the FSPs, growing to over $50 million per year by 2020,” Dr Marshall said.

“We’re seriously excited about CSIRO’s next chapter and how we’re investing in Australia’s science future.

“The platforms fuel deeper collaboration across disciplines as we tackle things that haven’t been done before, which is exactly what we need to stay ahead of accelerating global disruption of all kinds from economic to environmental.”

Some FSPs will draw on big data to make strides for health and environment. Others will use CSIRO’s precision science to transform biological systems. There is also a focus on a deeper knowledge of resources and manufacturing to create more sustainable industries, and support jobs of the future.

Dr Marshall said the FSPs will attract a new generation of researchers to work collaboratively on genuinely challenging science.

“The platforms empower CSIRO’s strategy of solving Australia’s toughest challenges, and getting science off the lab bench and into people’s hands as quickly as possible to improve Australia’s sustainability and prosperity.”