Defence streamlines ADF personnel relocations with launch of Pega-powered app

Defence Relocations Pega

The Department of Defence has launched a new technology platform and accompanying mobile app to support the relocation of ADF members for new job postings, partnering with Accenture and Pegasystems for the platform’s build.

The new platform, dubbed PostingConnect, has been designed to give ADF members a single interface to manage their postings (including removals), communicate with logistics service providers, and allow family members to view posting developments.

The platform, which is backed by Pega software, does this all by “streamlining, simplifying and automating” large portions of Defence’s posting process.

Up to 20,000 Australian service members and their families must uproot each year and settle into new homes, schools and jobs. Clunky manual processes, however, have historically made this posting process a “challenging experience”, Pega said.

As a solution, PostingConnect will guide members through the process by letting relocating ADF staff know what is required of them, whilst also delineating roles for any other stakeholders involved.

According to Pega, this ensures ADF members can “take ownership” of their relocations.

The platform also issues timely reminders of due dates for relocation tasks and allows ADF members to liaise directly with logistics and housing service providers – namely Toll and Defence Housing Australia (DHA) – which eliminates the need for multiple logins.

“By focusing on human experience and streamlining burdensome administrative tasks, digital transformation initiatives such as PostingConnect can reduce the strains of relocation and provide resources back to Defence through more efficient processes,” said Matt Gollings, global defence industry lead at Accenture.

PostingConnect, for the first time, also gives family members visibility into the relocation process by allowing a “nominee” (either a partner, friend or colleague) to access an ADF member’s account on the platform and assist with tasks.

“Based on the satisfaction and feedback from ADF members, the PostingConnect platform has been a huge success and has transformed the department for the better,” said Greg Tickle, director of digital service delivery at the Department of Defence.

Accenture, which in 2019 won a $9.7 million contract to develop the platform, worked closely with Defence as well as service members and their families, in the design, testing and deployment of the application.

PostingConnect’ official launch this week follows an initial trial by Defence (then using a ServiceNow solution) that concluded in 2018. The trial was rated a success, attracting more funding for the initiative’s development.

It was revealed during a 2018 senate estimates hearing that a solution like PostingConnect greatly eased the administrative burdens faced by ADF members, who would traditionally have needed to “manually coordinate” their relocations by filing out complex, often duplicated, forms.

The hearing noted that preparations for relocation would typically involve the coordination of removalists, arrangements for ICT access at new locations, as well as ticking off miscellaneous items required by disparate units within Defence – a process described as “exhausting”.

“The capabilities delivered by this project directly enhance the lives of personnel and their families – which is ultimately, what’s most important,” Defence’s Tickle said.

Defence is also working with Accenture on an integration for the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency’s (AGSVA) systems; a four and a half-year contract worth $114 million was signed this February.