DTA to launch new procurement platform for telcos


The Federal Government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) will overhaul its existing telco procurement platform, launching a new whole-of-government Telecommunications Marketplace.

Going live in early 2020, the new Marketplace will supersede the existing Mobile and Telecommunications Services panels, in operation since 2013, with the DTA inviting applications from sellers to join the newly amalgamated Marketplace panel.

The restructured Marketplace will see service offerings divided into 11 separate categories, including Data Carriage Services, Managed Network Services, Satellite Services and Enterprise Mobility Services, with a separate panel of suppliers to be established within each category. In tender documents submitted to AusTender, the DTA said there will “no limit” to the number of categories that may be added in the future.

Owing to national security concerns, non-corporate Commonwealth entities seeking to purchase telecommunications equipment or services are restricted to a group of approved suppliers.

However, the DTA said it will re-open each category “at least every 36 months to allow submissions of new applications to become a seller, or for existing sellers to apply for new categories”.   

The new Marketplace will also expand the number of services available under the existing panels as well as the services made available to government buyers to procure.

The DTA said it expects its new Marketplace to “make sourcing telecommunications products and services simpler, clearer and faster for both buyers and sellers.”

Established as part of the Australian Public Service Mobile Roadmap, the existing mobile and telecoms panels have been in operation since 2013.

As part of the new platform, the DTA said it will also establish a pricing regime that sets the maximum price of certain offerings for a minimum period of 12 months. Sellers will be given the opportunity to review their maximum prices at least annually. 

Tender documents for the new Telecommunications Marketplace can be accessed here.