Feds publishing platform goes digital


More than 25 agencies using the Commonwealth’s content management system can now leverage digital and omni-channel publishing. 

The Commonwealth’s open-source content management system has gained new functionality with digital and omni-channel features being added to this platform.

More than 25 agencies using the whole-of-government govCMS offering can now cross-publish and update their information automatically. Support is being enhanced through a new set of application programming interfaces (APIs).

This enhancement leverages the omni-channel and digital experience. End-users can publish approved and trusted content across many channels, as and where needed.

The omni-channel feature incorporates mobile, web, kiosks, call centre knowledge bases and shop front customer service display screens

The goal is to better aggregate content from the experts across multiple agencies. They can present this content through a topic-based site or entry point that is designed to improve the end-user experience

This latest offering integrates with the US solutions provider Acquia’s technology. This platform supports the cloud and enables publishers to build, deliver and optimise the digital experience.

New functionality

Once inside the Acquia Content Hub, a new feature “normalises” all content to fully support interoperability between diverse applications. This also enables content publishers to adapt to and enforce content models.

On the migration front, integrators can move content via API from a wide variety of non-Drupal sites to Content Hub. These can then be “normalised” and delivered to one or more govCMS sites.

Syndication features ensure that content is current and remains and consistent across different sharing platforms.  Publishers can share across a number of sites simultaneously.


Among the front-line agencies, the Department of Human Services signed up for GovCMS last year. The humanservices.gov.au website is a dedicated gateway for social services. This site accounts for more than 115 million visits and 255 million page views each year.

Moving to an open source, whole-of-government arrangement eliminates the “heavy lifting” in an open content management and sharing environment.

More than 50 websites are now live on govCMS. These include Fair Work Building and Construction, the Australian Taxation Office, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, and the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority.

The upgraded govCMS enables end-users to pull and reuse content from other sites and systems that are external to govCMS. This can be done via an enhanced application programming interface (API). 

Publishers are able to export digital content, and enable this to be reused by third parties. This sharing is either on their systems or via the API.  Where content is edited, changes are automatically rolled through to every site and system that consumes that piece of content, apparently in near real-time.

govCMS is a whole-of-government cloud-based content management and website hosting service offered by the Department of Finance. This platform is built on Drupal open source software and has been designed to meet the needs of Australian Government agencies. Using govCMS, agencies can create and manage their websites more cost effectively, and in line with Australian Government standards.