Finance Dept announces whole-of-gov ERP initiative

Finance Dept announces whole-of-gov ERP initiative

The federal Department of Finance has announced its intention to design and build a new whole-of-government enterprise resource management (ERP) system, effectively consolidating core transactional services across the public service into a single platform.

Dubbed GovERP, the initiative will be developed in partnership with the government’s Shared Services Provider Hubs, and will comprise “the design, development and trial of a common whole-of-government platform [to] deliver a range of standardised corporate and financial services,” an announcement on AusTender states.

The ERP would effectively consolidate HR and financial data from across federal public service.

The first tranche of the initiative will prototype a foundation ERP platform for trialling across the Provider Hubs that already operate an SAP-based ERP.

The initial test platform will be built on an SAP/4 HANA core, where “a range of complementary cloud-based products sourced from the open market” will be added in. From here, the Provider Hubs “will test the delivery of common HR and Financial Services functions” based on its own testing model.

Currently, five of the six Provider Hubs already operate an SAP-based ERP.

“The GovERP initiative will soon be entering a new project delivery phase and this will involve multiple approaches to market (ATM) to procure appropriate cloud-based complimentary [sic] products and services to integrate with a Core SAP/4 HANA platform.”

GovERP is part of the Government’s Shared Services Program, which seeks “to consolidate, standardise and automate the delivery of core transactional corporate services across non-corporate Commonwealth entities.”

The Department of Finance has announced it will host an industry briefing in Canberra on 17 February “to prepare and educate the market” in preparation for GovERP.