Govt seeks tenders for regional tech hub

The Australian Government has released a new round of tenders to support the expansion of its Regional Tech Hub.

The Hub offers support to regional, rural and remote consumers in using and deploying telecommunications services.

The tenders will cover the work of the Hub for three years from 1 July 2023.

The Government has committed $6 million to expand and extend the work of the Hub under its $656 million Better Connectivity Plan for Regional and Rural Australia.

The Regional Tech Hub currently supports regional, rural and remote consumers of telecommunications services with independent, factual information and troubleshooting advice.

The Hub also provides expert advice on how to connect and stay connected to communications services.

The expansion project aligns with recommendations from a 2021 Report by the Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee (RTIRC) calling for a substantially enhanced and better-resourced Regional Tech Hub.

“For Australians who live and work in areas outside of our major cities and towns, accessing and troubleshooting phone and internet connectivity can be more complex for a range of reasons,” Minister for Communications Michelle Rowland said.

“The Hub helps people work through these challenges and ensures regional communities can reach their full potential.

She added: “An expanded Regional Tech Hub will ensure independent and factual information is provided to and tailored for the unique circumstances experienced by regional, rural and remote communities.”