NSW Gov appoints NetApp to CPA panel

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The New South Wales Government has added NetApp to its cloud purchasing arrangements (CPA) a collection of NSW whole-of-government contracts with cloud service providers (CSPs).

CPA refers to contracts with hyperscale CSPs where the contracts are designed primarily for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) via the public delivery model for NSW Government buyers.

In some cases, the scope of a contract may also extend to other deployment types such as community and private cloud and other services.

According to the NSW Government, the CPA aims to drive value for buyers by establishing a commercial offer based on whole-of-government volume.

Matt Hurford, vice president of systems engineering, Asia Pacific, at NetApp, said that its dedicated GovCloud service would offer security and reliability for government partners, “with a variety of performance profiles and features to meet production, backup and disaster requirements”.

“NetApp has been delivering industry-leading services to Australian Government agencies for more than 20 years, supporting citizen services through our innovative technology. NetApp GovCloud is well established, with a number of large agencies on the cloud platform, managing over 10PB of storage under contracts, alongside managed compute nodes for NSW Government agencies.”

The agreement will also extend these services to the three public cloud providers with a range of IaaS and PaaS offerings to assist NSW Government agencies with data management and cost control in public cloud services.

According to the company, the NSW Government expects all its agencies to use public cloud for a minimum 25 per cent of their ICT services by 2023.

CPA customer contracts allow multiple orders over time, with a range of services including IaaS, such as compute, storage, network and security, secure internet gateway (SIG) and cross-domain gateway (CDG), and PaaS, including professional services such as cloud training, onboarding and migration, among others.

Among the key benefits of the CPA, the NSW Government identified market contestability and better quality of services, with the adoption of cloud services serving as a commitment to “using digital to put more power in the hands of citizens and deliver better services”.

On top of that, benefits include a more streamlined procurement process, as customers under these arrangements can raise multiple orders via a simplified order form or electronically once the contract is signed.