NSW launches digital licenses for motorists


NSW motorists can renew their licenses online, or using mobile apps from 14th June. These renewals are available without visiting a Service NSW centre, in person. Motorists can use the internet or mobile devices to renew licenses in an anywhere, anytime environment. Latest service supports the state government’s high-profile digital strategy.

NSW’s Minister for Finance, Services and Property, Dominic Perrottet, has announced a new digital service, enabling motorists to gain license renewals online. This is without having to visit a Service NSW centre, in person. Eligible customers can renew their licence online for up to 5 years using their existing photo. This can be done by logging on to the Service NSW website or using mobile apps.

Previously NSW drivers’ licences had to be renewed in person. Under the new service, a new licence will be issued by post within 10 business days. In the interim, customers will have to print their registration details, until an actual license shows up.

To ensure security and safety on the roads, online renewal will not be available for some licences, for example if a medical assessment is required or if the licence is restricted. Fees will remain the same whether customers renew online or at a Service NSW centre.

Click of a button

Minister Perrottet said going digital is a key priority for the government seeking to streamline services, and leverage omni-channels. This digital agenda supports access to online and mobile apps, while connecting with citizens in their personal space. “This is yet another digital initiative that’s going to save more time. This will make life that little bit more convenient for the people of NSW.”

Renewing a licence in person at a Service NSW store is relatively seamless. However, using integrated digital channels now enables hundreds of thousands of people to renew their licences at the “click of a button.” This is when and where this suits them. An eligible driver renewing their licence online may only need to visit a Service NSW centre as often as once every 10 years, to update their photo or sit an eye test.

Perrottet noted that bringing transactions like licence renewals to Service NSW’s digital channels is about offering citizens the most convenient options for accessing services. “Since July 2013, the popularity of Service NSW’s online transactions has doubled every year, and with licence renewals now online too, we expect it will keep growing,” he said.

“The important thing is that people have access to the options that suit them best, and that means offering first-class customer service through our Service NSW one-stop shops, while also making digital services available in the palm of your hand.”

For more information about online licence renewals, including eligibility criteria, visit www.service.nsw.gov.au or phone a 13 77 88  contact centre.

Online planning portal

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The functionally helps people track their development applications, or controls around state and local planning. The online lodgement of DAs and complying development will soon become available. This access enables people to engage with a complex planning system, while incorporating simpler, clearer and easier to understand planning and approvals requirements.