NSW offers free wi-fi for bus commuters


Sydney bus customers will start receiving free wi-fi under a January trial that involves 50 buses across designated routes.

The NSW State Transit Authority has unveiled plans to offer free wifi for up to 50 buses on designated routes. This service, currently being trialled, will support mobile phones on public transport.
If the trials are successful, up to 1000 buses across Sydney could be fitted with the wifi and supporting technology by year’s end.
Andrew Constance, minister for transport and infrastructure, said many people rely on being connected to their smartphone.
They often use the time during a commute to catch up on news, emails and social media. The trial will help planners understand how reliable the technology is and how customers would use it.
Using ‘CATCH’ technology, the trial has been developed by APN Outdoor. This will provide customers with wi-fi, as well as access to travel, news, sport, weather, and entertainment feeds.
To locate wi-fi during the trials, customers need to connect to a ‘Catch Wi-Fi’ service on their device. This will automatically open a free app that enables them to browse the internet.

Transport for NSW is also offering a real-time trip planner from January. This offering, now in beta, offers real-time trip planning information. This planner uses the same scheduled data as an existing planner.

However, the new version has been updated with access to real-time tracking data. This data shows the exact location of the next service, together with better tracking options.

This beta planner, being trialled until early March 2017, will replace the current trip planner when fully bedded down.