NSW opens up geospatial data for renewable energy


State government launches a “GreenPower Connect” to drive investment in renewable energy projects, while opening up access to geospatial and mapping data for investors. 

The NSW government is weighing in behind renewable energy, while galvanising investors and project leads for clean energy. This latest initiative sees an expanded use of geospatial data, together a map that tracks core projects across the state.

The administration has just launched the state’s first Renewable Energy Map, together with a GreenPower Connect project that links up industry, government and investment stakeholders.

These projects will enable key sectors to better appreciate and drive future investment in clean energy, according to the Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy, Anthony Roberts.

He said a Renewable Energy Map highlights more than 210 sites that showcase clean energy projects. This map offers renewable energy project developers free access to geospatial data.

More detailed information is available tracking the state’s renewable energy resources. This map is available online and in hard copy. “This is also a valuable tool for high school students studying the sources and availability of renewable energy, including solar, wind, hydro, wave, bioenergy and geothermal in the State,” said Roberts.

Sourcing more timely data enables stakeholders to identify and promote NSW’s renewable energy resource base. “We are giving investors, contractors, market researchers, planners and academics the information they need to scope out opportunities to invest in our state.”


Consolidated snapshot

Consolidated geospatial data offers a snapshot of weather and geographic conditions. For example, investors in wind farms gain a more detailed picture of wind speed, as well as related wind data across the state.

The GreenPower Connect showpiece meets the information needs of large energy purchasers. This access encourages greater investment in new large-scale renewable energy projects. 

The large purchasers of renewable energy can link directly with emerging projects, while gaining recognition as GreenPower accredited renewable energy suppliers.

The latest initiative builds on NSW’s successful National GreenPower Accreditation Program (GreenPower). This is managed by the NSW government on behalf of participating states and territories.

Operating since 1997, GreenPower enables households and businesses to voluntarily reduce their impact on the environment. This is being done by displacing some or all of their electricity use with renewable energy sourced from accredited solar, wind, bioenergy and mini-hydro generators.