Small Business Taskforce submits digital readiness report, reveals ongoing ‘cybersecurity concerns’


The Small Business Taskforce has handed in its final report to Treasurer Scott Morrison, expressing concerns over ongoing cybersecurity fears among Australian small businesses.


In light of its findings, the Taskforce has recommended the establishment of an independent body to assist Australia’s 2.1 million small businesses in fast-tracking the adoption of digital.

According to Mark Bouris, chairman of the Small Business Taskforce, too many small businesses are dragging their feet on digital adoption.

“Many small businesses are delaying, ignoring or simply are unaware of the opportunities that digital technologies may offer them,” Bouris said.

The final report outlined “individual concerns with cyber-security, and poor or no internet connectivity (especially in regional and rural Australia)” as the major factors that inhibit small businesses from adopting digital technology.

A survey by the NSW Small Business Commissioner in 2017 found that 42 per cent of surveyed respondents had limited their digital presence to reduce the risk of cyber threats.

The proposed body will be the Government’s main vehicle for coordinating awareness campaigns on key issues of concern to small businesses, including cybersecurity.

“Over four months, members of the Taskforce talked with suppliers and vendors of digital solutions, met with a variety of state and federal government agencies, and heard the views of dozens of industry associations and small businesses and drew on extensive user-centred research.”

“Embracing digital technology enables productivity, profitability and time-saving aspects that small and family businesses can really benefit from now and into the future,” said Laundy.