Tasmania adopts Oracle’s vaccine management platform

Vaccine System Oracle Tasmania

The Tasmanian Government is set to become the first Australian state to deploy Oracle’s cloud-based digital health platform, streamlining Covid-19 vaccine registration for its more than 500,000 residents.

Oracle said its newly implemented Health Management System will simplify appointment scheduling and record-keeping for health authorities, as well as issuing alert reminders, where required, for residents to book their second-dose vaccinations.

Through the system, Tasmanian residents will be able to schedule vaccination appointments at local clinics, with the option of registering for their Covid shots online or via a hotline.

Once a booking is made, a Quick Response (QR) code will be sent, requesting verification of an individual’s identity, which Oracle said would ultimately expedite the appointment check-in process.

The system also allows healthcare workers to create and update unique health records for residents, including patient details, vaccine type, manufacturer, dose, amount, and date and time administered.

All records will be stored in the Oracle Cloud (running on Australian servers), as well as in Services Australia’s Australian Immunisation Register.

Using this data, authorised personnel from state authorities will be able to monitor the percentage of Tasmanians currently immunised, helping to simplify management of inventory and demand.

To date, 68,427 vaccinations (accounting for around 12.6 per cent of the population) have been completed in the state.

“In this complex and fast-moving fight against Covid-19, there is a critical role for data to play, now and in the longer term,” Oracle vice president and ANZ regional managing director Cherie Ryan said.

She added that Oracle’s cloud-based Health Management System was created “specifically” to support this task.

The system is powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) which comprises Exadata Cloud Service and APEX Application Development Service, as well as Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Tasmania is the first Australian state to adopt Oracle’s complementary cloud-based health solution.

Oracle notes that it will provide the Tasmanian state free access and support to the system over the next 10 years.

To date, Oracle’s cloud-based medical systems have been adopted by the United States’ Centre for Disease Control (CDC) for its Covid-19 immunisation program, as well as governments in Ghana and Rwanda to manage their yellow fever vaccination programs.