Transport for NSW fast-tracks next-gen infrastructure


Transport for NSW slated to deliver a record $38 billion infrastructure program over next four years. Push to adopt platforms including cloud, mobile apps, HR, and asset management solutions. 

Transport for NSW has signed a major contract to transform its back-of-house IT systems under moves to modernise its massive transport infrastructure. The department’s secretary, Tim Reardon, said this IT upgrade lays the foundation for a more collaborative, efficient and agile workforce.

Over the next four years, Transport will deliver a record $38 billion infrastructure program. This program includes building new motorways, train lines and light rail networks to support the state’s growth. The transformation of IT networks is part of transport’s ‘Next-Generation Infrastructure Services’ program.

The upgrades will involve several contracts over the next five years. These contracts incorporate new cloud based collaboration services and more mobile tools for staff, including laptops and iPads. Transport is also upgrading its payroll, HR and procurement systems, and investing in a brand new asset management system to keep track of $100 billion worth of state-owned assets.

Fully integrated network

This week’s IT upgrade contract has been finalised with CSC/UXC. This multi-year contract is valued at $100 million. Under this contract, Transport soon starts the massive job of consolidating separate IT networks. These networks span and cater for 25,000 staff that works at hundreds of locations across NSW.

The IT upgrade brings the whole transport team onto a single, fast and modern network. “It allows staff to collaborate and work anywhere they need to – across locations or in the field – saving time and money,” Reardon said. 

Transport for NSW runs the largest transport system in Australia. It is responsible for delivering the biggest infrastructure budget in the state’s history. “But our out-dated and clunky IT systems mean our people are wasting time and money that could be spent making a difference for customers,” noted Reardon.

“We’ve already made great leaps forward by using technology to improve service to customers, with programs like the successful Opal card rollout, open data approach and real-time apps, and now we need to extend that innovation to our own people,” added Reardon. 

“Everything we do at Transport for NSW, from controlling traffic lights and rail signals, developing timetables, maintaining assets and paying suppliers, relies on modern IT systems, so this upgrade means better outcomes for our customers.  

“We simply cannot keep running the transport network – supporting 16 million journeys a day across greater Sydney alone – and deliver this record infrastructure program for the people of NSW with slow, fragmented and out-dated IT systems,” Reardon said.

“It’s no secret technology upgrades can be complex and organisations often face hiccups along the way, but we’re putting every step in place to ensure we’re sticking to time and budget on these major upgrades, and that we’re able to respond quickly to tackle any problems as they arise.”

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