Victoria announces tender for mobile apps to fight crime


Latest ICT tender seeks solutions around mobile technology. This announcement coincides with plans to invest $227 million in police modernisation technology over two years.

The Victorian government is seeking industry solutions to fight crime with mobile technology under a tender just unveiled by the state premier, Daniel Andrews.

This tender will leverage mobile platforms and apps to support police in the frontline. The investment coincides with moves to modernise Victoria’s policing system. This modernisation is supported a $227 ICT investment during 2016-2017.

State-of-the-art mobile technology will fight crime at the front-line, according to Premier Andrews. “Our frontline crime fighters will soon have cutting-edge technology at their fingertips to better respond to crime and keep Victorians safe.” 

Information is the lifeblood of modern policing, noted Andrews. Mobile apps and real-time data exchange helps strengthen frontline services.

Technology revolution

Premier Andrews has joined forces with the Minister for Police Lisa Neville and Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton to endorse the “technology revolution.”

The latest tender means police will soon access mobile devices and apps to fight crime. This mobile platform is being used in tandem with an intelligence system that was unveiled in June.

A new suite of devices and supporting technology are on the cards. These enable police to leverage mobile apps, focus on data-sharing and tap into more integrated networks over the next four years.


Body-worn cameras

The third stage of the technology rollout sees officers being equipped with body-worn cameras. These capture video evidence at the time and location of an incident.

Investments in technology are designed to free up frontline police. This means they spend less time on administrative duties, and more effort fighting crime across communities.

Among recent initiatives, police now take and store photos, video and audio recordings, while tapping into online training from dispersed locations.

Moves were underway to reduce the paperwork with online and mobile apps. ‘On-board applications’ process statements, together with access to critical databases from the field.

This year’s investment also incorporates a $596 million Public Safety Package. This is supported by $15 million on a 24/7 Monitoring and Assessment Centre.