Victoria tackles fire hazards with digital education campaign


The Victorian Country Fire Authority and Metropolitan Fire Bridge have launched an online campaign and interactive website to educate consumers about fire hazards. This follows concerns that home fires cost $75 million in damages last year. 

The Victorian government has launched a highly-interactive digital campaign to drive down the number of preventable home fires and educate residents about fire risks. This campaign is spearheaded by the Country Fire Authority (CFA) and the Metropolitan Fire Bridge.

This week’s digital launch, tagged the Safe Mistake Zone, encourages Victorians to learn more about fire hazards in an online and highly-interactive environment. Last year, preventable fires cost Victorians $75 million. There were more than 3000 preventable fires in homes. An intuitive web site offers end-users better interactivity, together with videos, statistics and games. This site offer helpful hints and tips to reduce the risk of a house fire, in a safer environment.

In earlier budget news, the state government earmarked $228 million for Victoria’s emergency services. The administration will invest $37.1 million over four years to continue and expand the Emergency Medical Response program. Up to $58 million is allocated to help the peak Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority respond to more than 2.4 million calls annually. This rate averages one call every 13 seconds.