Catalysts for Change – Setting the Growth Agenda for 2015


The theme for this roundtable is innovation and the way in which innovation will transform the Australian banking environment by 2015. Oracle’s hosting of this roundtable occurs very much in the context of a shift in strategy for this industry. As some of you are aware, i-flex is now an Oracle company. This acquisition reflects a big shift in Oracle’s strategy over recent years as we have begun to invest in deep, industry specific applications, including those for financial services. We had previously made acquisitions in the areas of risk management and anti-money laundering and more recently we have acquired some insurance assets. So, just as you are grappling with questions about how to integrate, modernise and standardise a complex portfolio of applications, Oracle is facing precisely the same challenge. Our middleware is the key enabler of that strategy. You may find that Oracle’s new place in the financial services industry is rather different to what you had expected.