Chasing the Millennials: can banks satisfy the demands of tomorrow’s customer?


Australia’s financial services industry is facing unprecedented pressure to adapt to an empowered and digital-savvy consumer. By embracing the strategies of their ‘disruptor’ rivals (and forming unlikely alliances), could our financial services institutions manage – and potentially thrive – in an environment of rapid technological and social change?

As part of the featured roundtable series for FST Media’s 10th annual Future of Banking and Financial Services conference, the executive-led forum explores the critical role of digital disruptors in reshaping customer expectations, and the industry’s response to evolving customer demand.

Download this exclusive post-event feature to:

  • Gain an insider’s perspective on the impact of digital disruption and how cross-industry start-ups have reimagined the customer journey
  • Better comprehend the needs of the ‘empowered customer’ and recognise the challenges of servicing multiple generations with varying standards of digital literacy
  • Advance insight into the benefits of adopting a start-up mindset and the potential challenges of partnering with industry disruptors
  • Understand how banks and established financial institutions can engage with FinTech competitors and shore up market dominance

Discover how Australia’s leading financial executives are meeting the demands of tomorrow’s digitally aware consumers, and learn critical lessons to hone your customer engagement strategy for the up and coming Millennial generation.