CISOs discuss the transition to virtual communities in the age of Covid-19

CISOs discuss the transition to virtual communities in the age of Covid-19

Highlights from the FST Media/Slack Virtual Roundtable in Sydney 2020:

At a recent Slack/FST Media roundtable remote session in Sydney, CISOs from Australia’s leading FSIs addressed the challenges of transitioning to a remote working environment and the adaptive strategies employed to cultivate dynamic teams within collaborative and secure workplaces.

Participating CISOs emphasised the need to establish clear guidelines on preferred methods of communication for collaboration. Narrowing down communications to a singular tool offers a secure form of collaboration, as opposed to fragmented communication using a variety of channels with the potential to pose security risks. A singular tool with advanced features can bridge the gaps of geography, ensuring centralised decision making and thereby increasing company productivity.

The recent pandemic has undoubtedly effectuated a heightened focus on security. The desire to maintain secure remote working environments needs to be carefully balanced with the risks associated with conducting ongoing business operations.

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses collaborate permanently. A renewed focus on agility is crucial in order to pivot with changing situations into the future. CISOs within FSIs will have to continue to employ proactive strategies in order to manage any emerging security risks on an ongoing basis and embrace collaboration as the engine of progress in this ever-changing climate.

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