IBM Security AppScan: Application security and risk management

Software applications – collecting confidential customer information on the web or through mobile – are a top target for attacks and are the number one source of data breaches. Recent cyber attacks in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines have increased the current threat level from external hackers.

It does not come as a surprise that regulatory bodies are busy trying to plug one gaping hole of application vulnerability. They are recommending organizations to run application security checks before deploying any application that collects critical customer information. Mobile adds another major risk angle to this whole discussion.

By 2016, over 350 million people will use their smartphones for work, using applications that can gain access to a company’s internal network and data without an employer’s knowledge. To address the wide range of application risk, IBM Security AppScan® portfolio integrates into application lifecycle management to identify risk, facilitate timely remediation and monitor the state of application security and risk over time.

Download this whitepaper to understand how IBM Security AppScan enables you to deliver and maintain applications that are secure by design.

You can also download a free trial ( of IBM Security AppScan Standard, a dynamic application security testing solution that is one component of the IBM Security AppScan portfolio.