Proactive cybersecurity starts with Threat Intelligence

Proactive cybersecurity starts with Threat Intelligence

Keeping up with ever-changing climate of cybersecurity attacks is harder than ever, and fast-evolving threat intelligence capabilities are an important part of any cyber defence to enhance the detection capabilities of your existing controls.

Unless they are implemented as part of a broader security strategy, however, even the best threat-intelligence services can fall short. Too many well-intentioned security leaders fail to ensure they have the appropriate skills, operational visibility, security operations centre (SOC) resources, and other elements required to make the most of threat intelligence – and can’t effectively mitigate the risks they are protecting against.

Whether you’ve already embraced threat intelligence, or are just thinking about it, your strategy can probably use some help.

Read “Evaluating threat intelligence sources” to learn more on:

  • New approaches needed
  • Where the best intelligence lives
  • Think like an attacker
  • Trust levels
  • What to consider when evaluating commercial threat intelligence offerings