The New Normal: CIO Lessons from the Transition to Virtual Work

The New Normal: CIO Lessons from the Transition to Virtual Work

Highlights from the FST Media/Slack Virtual Roundtable July 2020:

All over Australia, the strength of corporate culture has ultimately been tested by the shift to virtual working communities. With the majority of Australians now conducting at least some paid work from home, companies continue to face a vast array of new challenges as they adjust to the change, including barriers to achieving efficient collaboration and the consequent threat to employee and business productivity.

At a jointly hosted Slack/FST Media virtual roundtable session recently, CIOs and technology leaders discussed the lessons learnt transitioning to virtual working communities and the strategies taken by leaders to promote successful and collaborative virtual workplaces. Participants emphasised the need for businesses to adapt and evolve constantly in order to progress and grow in an upwards trajectory.

Technology has enabled us to transcend geography, but it is essential that businesses use it to go further and facilitate deeper human connections.

In order for remote workforces to be just as capable of building and sustaining a progressive, productive and dynamic company culture, strong organisational resilience and the use of collaborative tools and processes is crucial. In this way, we can achieve true collaboration and create fully-functioning virtual communities.

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