The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Mobility


The rapid surge in smart devices has overwhelmed corporate networks, opening security fault lines in the digital perimeter. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn fundamental principles for selecting and building the optimal enterprise mobile management (EMM) solution.

The smartphone revolution is here – and is rapidly reshaping the way our businesses work. With an array of smart devices gilding employees’ pockets, fewer and fewer workers depend on their desktops to get their jobs done. Despite their popularity, however, the rapid influx of mobile devices has proved more burden than boon for IT staff, forced to support a multiplicity of platforms, inconsistent updates and lacklustre security provisions that put corporate network at risk of breach.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a comprehensive platform to manage and support mobile devices across the worksite. EMM is more than just about giving employees easy access to work emails on their phones; EMMs provide the backbone of support to an increasingly fast-paced, transitory and device-dominated work environment, ensuring a seamless transition to a Mobile First enterprise.

Download this guide to learn:

  • Key criteria for selecting the optimal enterprise mobile management (EMM) software
  • Eight best practice principles for the successful deployment of EMM

  • Critical principles for building a tailor-made enterprise mobility solution for your business needs