CBA’s whole-of-enterprise transformation & digital adoption program

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The success of The Commonwealth Bank’s (CBA’s) extensive, multi-year transformation program – involving the overhaul of decade-old legacy systems and business operations – was in large part predicated on the bank’s use of digital adoption platforms to augment traditional change management approaches, according to CBA’s head of enterprise program and portfolio management office, Ashok Vishwanathan. Speaking at the recent FST Banking Summit 2022 in Sydney, Vishwanathan acknowledged the challenge of driving adoption of new digital systems and operational processes across a user base of more than 10,000 CBA staff.

This challenge is not just limited to overhauling ossified technologies, but also in relationships and processes that have over many years been baked into the bank’s operations.

“We’re talking about people that have been used to doing certain things in a certain way for more than ten years. “To try and undo all of that and bring them on to a new way of working is absolutely a big, big challenge.” Digital adoption technologies were, according to Vishwanathan, key to uplifting delivery disciplines across the bank.

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