Insurance Summit, Sydney 2023 Stream Selection

Insurance Summit Stream Selection

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  • Leveraging AI and Intelligent Automation in Claims and Underwriting
  • Mitigating Data Breach Risks in the Insurance Industry: Strategies for Information Security and Compliance
  • Revolutionising the Insurance Market Through AI and Gen AI: Insights from Endava’s Global Experience
  • Payment Innovation in Insurance: Crafting Efficiencies and Elevating Customer Journeys
  • Insurance Underwriting Reimagined: How to Accelerate Workflows and Drive Growth
  • The Democratisation of Analytics – Scale the Impact of Analytics Across the Organisation
  • Reinventing the Future of Insurance with AI/ML, and the Emergence of Generative AI as a Powerful New Technology
  • How to Solve the Challenges of Legacy Platforms and Technology in the Australian Insurance Sector