VIC Govt inks exclusive deal with local eServices supplier

The Victorian Government has contracted Melbourne-based technology company, VendorPanel, to manage the Government’s eServices register – a technology procurement platform used throughout the state's departments.

Government departments and technology providers throughout Victoria will now use VendorPanel’s platform for government-based ICT services procurement, Gavin Jennings, Special Minister of State, announced.

The eServices Register is mandatory for all the inner budget departments and agencies covered by the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB).

The Register processes the bidding for government work for suppliers helping the Government make informed purchasing decisions across a range of suppliers.

The Victorian Government upwards of 900 purchases each year on eServices from almost 1,800 hardware and software providers, according to a statement by the Government. Among the services and products included are web content management systems, geospatial data services and 3D modelling, and ICT strategy development and analysis.

“Victoria’s great tech and eServices sector will find the VendorPanel system more user-friendly and efficient – and I’m proud this agreement will be supporting local jobs,” Jennings said.


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