Westpac partners with Samsung Pay

Westpac has this week announced a partnership with Samsung Electronics Australia in a bid to increase flexibility for demanding customers.

Customers are increasingly after digital-first solutions and multiple e-payment offerings, and will now be able to benefit from Samsung Pay, according to Westpac.

Westpac Mastercard, credit card, and VISA holders would be able to access Samsung Pay, which would be available to thousands of Australian retail outlets close to near field communication (NFC) areas.

“Our mobile customers want access to the best technology and….Samsung Pay is another example of a digital solution that offers  our customers more flexibility,” said Westpac chief executive consumer banking, George Frazis.

“Our customers can now use either Westpac Tap and Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay to make contactless payments.”

Frazis said Westpac has seen a notable shift in customer expectations and would work to deliver suitable solutions to adapt to changing needs.

 “Customer behaviour is changing all the time and the growth of mobile banking in the past three years has been exponential,” he said.

“Our strategy is to be where our customers are.”


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