Derek Scott

Head of IT Security, Governance and Risk / TAL

Derek’s career in IT & Operations has led him from Scotland to Sydney via Munich, Texas and London. Working  for large American corporations (Digital Equipment, National Semi-conductors, Compaq, Dell and CSC), Derek spent the first half of his career in leadership roles in operations. In the past 15 years he has focused on leading technical support functions. The operational breadth and technical depth of these various roles has given Derek a useful perspective for leading organisations through complex operational transformation - he combines technical understanding with operational savvy - a winning combination! 

In 2002 Derek moved from Dell UK to Dell Australia to manage a team delivering Enterprise Technical Support and Account Management functions to Dells’ ANZ Enterprise customers. After 4 years he moved to CSC to manage a similar function, and expanded the role into a wider service delivery function.

Derek Joined TAL in 2013 and is currently Head of IT Security, Risk and Governance. His team works closely with TAL Technology and Business teams to ensure that they are anticipating and coordinating the provision for structured investment and deployment of technologies in response to changing business drivers. 

The role, although focused on Security, Risk and Governance, also covers Vendor Management, IT Service Continuity and some additional operational responsibilities. 

Derek believes that the broad scope of the role enables pragmatic, knowledge-based planning and a delivery model of both "on-prem” services and complimentary vendor-based solutions and tools.

He thoroughly enjoys the challenge of his role. His free time is spent scoring at his sons' weekend cricket matches!!!