Avi Shavit

Head of Cyber and Homeland Security Sector

Israel Innovation Authority

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Mr. Avi Shavit – Short bio
Based on his 25 years of experience, industry deep-rooted recognition, and personal well-established networking, Avi Shavit pursues his dream and vision to create a successful business out of innovative technology.
His professional experience initiated during his military service, where he was managing complex and novel projects, in the field of command and control systems. Several systems received rewards, including the highest rank of Israeli Security Reward given by the Israeli President.
Back in the civil life, Mr. Shavit was a CEO of a software company, and later made a shift to investment banking, holding the CTO position of a venture fund.
Over the years he evaluated and analyzed around 500 companies for investment, and mentored several more companies in their various growth stages for different investors.
Mr. Shavit has extensive experience in mentoring hi-tech companies from cradle to success. Due to that, but not only, he has been invited to be part of a task force appointed by the Israeli Prime Minister in order to suggest the Israeli roadmap in cyber warfare.
In 2010 Mr. Shavit initiated a new Cyber research project (a consortium of 9 industrial organizations and 10 Academic researches) with a visionary approach, to develop a Multi-Tiered technology of assessment, detection, analysis and understanding of computer cyber-attacks.
As a consultant to the Israel Innovation Authority, Mr. Shavit managed programs with a budget of 50 Million dollars for R&D cyber activities. In addition he was chosen by the European Commission to provide his services as an expert in software, cyber and homeland security domains. With this capacity he accompanies advanced projects and asses innovative ideas.
This vast experience gave him the privilege of being exposed to different cyber, software and communication companies and technologies. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs and companies approach him and ask for

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