Bill Simpson-Young

Director Engineering and Design

Data61 and CSIRO

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[KS2_2463!a] Bill is Director of Engineering and Design at Data61. In this role, he is leading a team of engineers, user experience designers and project managers to build globally innovative technology, products and online platforms from Data61 research and help Data61 make impact.

Bill has over 25 years of experience in digital R&D including as a software engineer, research scientist and in R&D management. He has worked in R&D for global technology companies (Canon and Unisys), in government-funded research institutions (CSIRO and NICTA) and worked in research and teaching in university (University of Sydney). His area of speciality is in leading R&D teams to develop technology, products and platforms that bridge from research into innovative real-world use.

Bill has led teams to develop technology now used in many products and platforms globally including technology used in millions of devices and technology used by hundreds of thousands of online users.

Bill also developed and teaches a Masters course at the University of Sydney on “Understanding IT Innovations”. The course is designed to teach computing professionals to understand technology trends and disruptive technologies and to know how to create innovative technology that is successful commercially. The course covers topics such as diffusion of innovation, disruptive innovation, technology cycles, intellectual property, innovation by startups and the innovation ecosystem.


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