Chris Lamers

Chief Executive Officer

FlexiGroup NZ

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Chris joined the FlexiGroup team in April 2017 as CEO of FlexiGroup NZ. He brings a strong marketing, sales and innovation background to FlexiGroup and is focusing on creating a strong team culture, and mutually beneficial customer and retailer partnerships. Key product lines include Q Card, Q Mastercard and partnerships with leading retailers including Farmers and Flight Centre.

Previous roles include more than three years as Sovereign’s Chief Marketing Officer, where Chris undertook a number of significant developments, including establishing an online sales channel, customer engagement programmes, and data analytics functions.

Chris was previously with Loyalty New Zealand (Fly Buys), first as Head of Marketing, then as Head of Customer Engagement (incorporating marketing and sales) and lastly as Interim CEO.

In that time, he re-launched the Fly Buys brand, developed and launched a partnership with Air NZ Airpoints, and led the implementation of marketing strategies that grew both membership numbers and revenue while reducing marketing costs.

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