George Kapitelli

George Kapitelli

Chief Financial Officer
Melbourne Health

George Kapitelli became the Melbourne Health Executive Director – Finance, Procurement and Supply Chain in June 2014, following a distinguished 26 year international career with global multinational General Motors. His most recent roles with GM included the Chief Financial Officer roles both at GM Holden (2012-14) and Shanghai GM Wuling in China (2009-12), an organisation that engineered, manufactured and sold approximately 1.5 million vehicles in 2012.

Before his move into health, George played a key role in  establishing and developing start-up national business operations (China joint ventures and GM Thailand) into successful long term ventures as well as restructuring mature operations (GM Europe & GM Holden Australia) into leaner entities better established for long term sustainable success.

The move into Health has confirmed that strong finance skills are transferable across very different industries, make a very positive difference and has proved very fulfilling.

Recent executive leadership roles are as follows:

  • Executive Director Finance & Logistics: Melbourne Health (2012-14)
  • Chief Financial Officer & Board Member: GM Holden (Melbourne, Australia (2012-14)
  • Chief Financial Officer: Shanghai GM Wuling (Liuzhou, China) (2009-12)
  • Commercial Finance Director: Shanghai General Motors (Shanghai, China) (2006-9)
  • Commercial Finance Director: GM Holden (Melbourne, Australia) (2003-6)
  • CFO & IT Director: GM Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia) (2002-3)
  • Special Projects Director: GM Europe (Zurich, Switzerland) (2000-2)
  • New Business Development Director: GM Thailand (Rayong, Thailand) (1998-2000)